Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Shoes Represent A New Era

I just had an interesting conversation with a friend. Well, it was less of a conversation and more of a monologue delivered by yours truly, but it was still interesting. And since I haven't posted in some time (not that I have any regulars or even irregulars), I thought that this conversation could make an interesting blog post. Please excuse the horrendous grammar and terrible usage of my enter key and read on :)

Friend so whtsuuuup (loosely translated : So What'sup?)

Me Commenting on facebook in places where i think i can get humiliated :D (loosely translated : Commenting on facebook in places where I think I can get humiliated *happiness* )

Friend wwhhyyyyyyyy? =P (again, loosely translated from hipster' : Why?)

And so I started..
Becaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuse I'm bored  :P
 tired of xboxing and watching tv shows and going to malls for endless shopping
 and according to me 
 life is only lived
 on facebook.
 Sure, it's lived BY breathing, it's lived THROUGH eating but it's lived on facebook.
 You know
 with the amount of users Facebook has
 it could very well be its own country.
 Heck, why that
 why not a continent.
 Ofcourse if it were any of the above

(typing break)

it would need a strick (*strict) plan to control its overpopulation
 however in this case overpopulation caused by excessive signups, not ..well not the other thing
 ofcourse the other thing, leading to +1's in the total world's population count, could also lead to overpopulation on facebook
 since maybe excited parents or older siblings of the aforementioned +1's could make a new facebook account for their loved(or soon to be hated) one.
 Then, yes then, there would be a real crisis
 Take that +1 multiply it by a billion more
 and you have
 that into that, many more accounts on facebook.
 But what's surprising is
 by the end of it all
 When the number of users outweighs the servers' capacity to run smoothly thereby resulting in a Global Server Meltdown
 Mark Zuckerburg would be safe from the resulting World War 3 on Earth
 because he would be far away from it.
 Yes, he would've bought the sun and the moon and created his own planet where he lives with his wife and kids
 but he doesn't have a wife and them kids
 so after he realizes that
 he gets depressed
 moreso than Romeo and Juliet

(friend says o.O)

and even moreso than that creature from HP7 part 1
 that died

(friend says to stop o.O)

and then
 he decides
 that if he can't have kids and a wife
 no one else can
 so what he does is
 he wipes out the entire population of living men
 because only men can have wives
 and ofcourse, the "un-straight" women who also can have wives
 leaving only the remaining women on Earth.
 Fast-forward 200 years, we live in a world of Shoes.
 I rest my case, which wasn't a case to begin with.

(friend says a final stop o.O, and then I do stop)


So, I hope you understood the point I'm trying to make...

My friend says o.O a lot.

:  I'm not sexist.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Place Called Wonderland

I did something terrible. Something horrible. Something that goes against all morals and ethics. A few weeks ago, I misled a girl. A sweet, innocent girl. I kidnapped her. It was all my fault really. All my fault. I tried to confirm her identity but I was tired and I was forced. I thought she was the right one. I thought she was the right Alice.

"I've been up there in their human world for weeks trailing one Alice after the next. And I was almost eaten by other animals....Can you imagine?"

I made her fall, take a big tumble down a deep hole. But what could I do? I couldn't help it.

The day was soon to come. It was to be. I honestly didn't mean to drag her into all of this. But what could I do? The calendar demanded it, so said He, Absolem. The fate of our world demanded it.
"The Oraculum : Being a Calendrical Compendium of Underland. It's a timeline depicting the major events of each day. Every day has a title and an illustration."

When she met the others, they didn't believe her. No, they didn't. They couldn't believe her outfit. She wore her black and white outfit with more spunk than any other punk. Though, her multi-coloured stockings kept her just below the Freezing Point.

She was taken to the Hare and the Hatter who were busy having tea. I ofcourse dined with them. It was all very frabjastic, you see...

"Welcome to the Tea Party"

It was hectic. It was mad. It was hectic, and almost bad. But never sad, really. Eventually, we accepted her as Alice and hatched a plan. She realized she was the one to call it Wonderland, our Underland. And with that, we made a plan. A mad scheme, one which would allow us to succeed. It was mad, mad indeed. It was crazy, but we were in need.

"The sword's hidden inside the Bandersnatch's room...If we can distract him, one of us can get the sword, and we can then escape!"

Our Queen needed a champion. Someone to take on the great evil that lay ahead. Different people wanted to take up the same mantle but only one was destined to do it : Alice. She was destined to fight it. The ancient enemy of the Vorpal one. And so, the day came.

"On this, the Frabjous day, the queens, Red and White, shall send forth their champions to do battle on their behalf."

The beast was mighty. But she could count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. What was the Jabberwocky against her mathematical skill? On the mighty six, she ascended to the beast and removed his head from the rest of his body.

The day was saved. The head was beheaded. The Red Queen was exiled and the Red Knight with her. Peace returned to our land.

We chose to fight. We chose not to let the evil take over our land. My name is Nevins McTwisp, and we chose to save our world, our Wonderland.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nice Knowing You, Facebook

Face What?
So, yesterday, I decided to do the one thing I used to think I could never do...
The ONE thing that I don't think ANYONE could ever do, once they've been ensnared by its charms..

Leave Facebook Forever *Jaw drop*

I still remember the day I joined Facebook. It was on the nth of *cough**cough*mber (what do dates matter, really?), and I was rather reluctant. See, I simply detest objects or things which may be liked by a majority. It's not a personal choice, it just happens. 
For instance. 
Harry Potter (the books, mind you).
Twilight (Don't even get me started on the walking daylight disco balls)
Star Wars (I tried, I really tried)

And, well, you get the point. 
And Facebook, a craze at that time (and at this one too), was at the top of my list.
I just didn't understand why people needed the INTERNET to maintain social relationships, the concept just escaped me. I didn't understand what was so great about the magnificent Blue-on-white Giant that had taken over so many lives. 
So if I hated it so much, why did I join? Peer pressure. I think that pretty much sums it up :P

When I logged in for the first time, I asked myself what was so great about it. I thought nothing.
I mean really, walls to post on, posts to comment on, comments to click like on, like to show you're bored and so on, although, at that time, there were no "Likes".
But, slowly and unassumingly, I began to get sucked in to the Blue Knight's world.
The trademarked-by-Facebook urge to login every few minutes to look for that little red box on the top left with a white number in it, it just took over me. I was officially a, dare I say it, Facebook User...Facebooker..Facebookite, whatever you want to call it.

The next couple of years of my life went to Facebook. Sure, it was distracting but it wasn't all bad. I mean, if it weren't for Facebook, I wouldn't have known many of the people that I do now. And I'm glad for that, it's been an integral part of my life.

Then came yesterday. With just 9 days left for major examinations to start, I was studying sure, but I was also logging into the social networking platform every now and then. And then, at the end of the day, it finally got to me. It finally ticked me off. Nine days  left for the most important exams of my life (so far) and Facebook's where most of my time is going.

Then I realized, it's time to end it. It's time, to finish it.
Sick of everything, I headed over to my Account Options, and clicked Deactivate Account.
While going through the process of deactivating my account, a notification came up about a comment on some photo. I halted the deactivation process there and went to see the comment.

It was pointless.
So then, I decided to go through with it.
I went back to account options and did the deactivation process, this time without any distractions. Facebook tried to slow me down by showing pictures of my friends and I and saying "So-and-so will miss you", but that didn't deter my efforts to be free from the Social Behemoth.
Finally, I went through the last deactivation check. And there, I was back to the familiar homepage which I would visit every now and then.

It was done. 

No more Facebook for me. I am never going back to it... least, not until my board exams get over :P

For those of you who thought I had gone ahead and completely left Facebook forever, I am so happy I mislead you. For those of you I didn't mislead, sleep with one eye open (unless you're the Twilight Boy?) and for those of you who didn't read this..there's no point in me saying anything because, well, you didn't read this.

All I did was deactivate for a while. I'm sorry if this whole post just wasted your time, but it was to prove a very valid point:

Facebook wastes your time.

But I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that point crystal clear already so I guess it was a mega time waste for my to try and prove it.

Oh well. 
At least with my deactivation, there's a guaranteed extra 5% in boards for me >:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.

I will not give in.
I CANNOT give in.

Not me,
 as far as the feet are concerned :P

I spent nearly ONE YEAR trying to finally lose the baggage which made my weighing scale shake atleast twice before it could establish the correct measure. I almost succeeded too, you know. I was on the road to becoming healthy, finally, and I was at the best point I've ever known in my life.

Then I entered 10th grade. We didn't get much of a break after the end of 9th. We had to head into school the next week for our extra classes(which had only 1 plus side : 30 minute breaks <3 May they rest in peace.)

It didn't seem so bad, to be really honest. I mean really, huge amounts of portions, teachers breathing down our necks, a promise made to parents on a guaranteed 90% board average for this year. No pressure.

But yes, it was tons of fun, this past year. A lot has gone by, a lot has been missed on, and a lot more has been discovered. It's just been a really great time altogether. 

Missed by a big heart,
and a bigger stomach.
What WASN'T so great was the time I began to spend away from cycling and swimming and the gym and the time I began to spend ON books, sitting more often and standing a lot less.

It wasn't too worrisome in the beginning really, but, as the months flew by, Feb. 28th was getting closer, and my waistline wasn't getting any slimmer.

Especially this past month. I tried. I really did, to be active. But I just HAVEN'T been able to make my phone's daily reminder of "5:00 gym" happy. Sad phone, it's become. It must be bummed out that I don't listen to it anymore (though I do listen to it, practically speaking, whenever I'm talking to anyone! :P)

Today morning, when I woke up, I thought I wobbled a bit. Then I thought, enough is enough. I told myself, that even if I may not have time to do much physical activity, I WILL keep myself healthy by ONLY (h)eating healthy food at home, and cutting down on my quantities.

That is the promise I made to myself today and I intend on keeping it.

*pause for dramatic effect*

And I knew I could do it but--Oh, I'm sorry folks, I'm going to have to cut this post short. 
The bell just rang...
The Pizza Guy's here! :D
Crusty Pizza.
 Ironic if given
by Krusty the Clown?

What? Yeah, you heard me right. The Pizza Guy.
...Don't look at me like that.

Hey, from the time I made the promise to myself, till about the time I made the order a while back, I really did try my level best to keep the promise.

But then, you know, with promises like that, a GREAT deal of power's required.

And like good ol' Uncle Ben said, "With great power, comes great responsibility"

I guess I'm not ready for that kind of responsibility yet .. perhaps AFTER boards? :P


Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 Months Later....


The episode, which was aired about 10 months ago, the 100TH episode of How I Met Your Mother, again, 10 months old, was LEGENDARY :P

Sorry for the uhh late reply (not like I have any readership anyway :P)

But anyway, it's been a looooooong year. So I think I'll just give that sum-up crap that most movie people give in flop movies at the end to make up for a totally ugly climax and low budget.

"Adarsh Sinha went on to become the smartest person in the world, with Microsoft and Sony signing a deal, on his personal request, to join together to form SonySoft (They thought about MicroSony but then it was still MS and Sony was against that :P) and they went on to make the most amazing motion-sensing device called the 'Kinetic Move' which uses a controller, but there's a catch. The controller is YOU! What does Soviet Russia have to say to that?"

Okay for those of you who thought that was lame, I totally agree.
For those of you who didn't get that last part about Soviet Russia,
well usually there's this running joke in pop culture where if you say something, apparently Soviet Russia says the opposite.

For example "You control the environment." In Soviet Russia, The environment controls YOU :D

For those of you, who are still reading this.
I suggest you switch of your laptop, find the nearest bridge over a water body big or small, and ...throw...your..laptop over it 'coz it's just been hit by such an awesome blogpost that you can't pay for medical fees to repair the damages that the awesomeness of my blog did 8)

Have a goodnight,
this is Adarsh Sinha..uhhh...catchphrasing out :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So, I was going through a friend's amazing blog, and there's no point in hyperlinking it since the only viewers of this blog are myself and I already have that blog bookmarked.
But anyway,

It inspired me to come back to the world of blogging.
To return to this frustration-venting heaven.

To waste a few minutes before I go to sleep and do my Biology exam tomorrow.

I cut my hair yesterday, before school started.
I grew my hair to its longest potential for the first time EVER, and then I had to cut it -.-
What does the length of my hair have to do with education?
It's not even so long that it's covering my eyes. And even then, I wouldn't really be needing it cause I'd be sleeping over the long lectures given in school. (If any teachers are reading this, I have to say, YOU GUYS GIVE THE BEST LECTURES EVER. This all scripted in front of a live studio audience, I'm on a payroll here :) )

I really don't want to write much. I'm pretty sure I'm going to forget about this tomorrow XD So anyway, if I do remember, I'll leave you with this :

So anyway, How I Met Your Mother's 100th Episode is coming out TOMORROW. I'll tell you how it is. Though I'm pretty sure it's going to be Legen----------------------

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sleep isn't your best friend. Proof :

  1. Wake up
  2. Curse in your head
  3. Sleep
  4. Wake up again
  5. Brush
  6. Bathe
  7. Sleep
  8. Apply Medicine on your head
  9. Sleep
  10. Pick up the bag and pick up the Eat
  11. Go to the bus and fall asleep.
  12. Principal's speech, you go to sleep.
  13. Prefect's Warning, you just count the sheep.
  14. Walk in, hug your maitays
  15. Look away , you're caught by ladies
  16. Walk up the stairs, walk up straight
  17. Keep walking up, walk all the way
  18. Finally, you reach class
  19. Then you realize, it's a Saturday :D
  20. Yeah Just messing with you, Wake up for class, you had fallen asleep.
Yeah, which poor sucker is that XD